Sydney, Austrialia

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Manly Beach Ferry Terminal

Manly Beach Ferry Terminal

Sydney – After the heat and intensity of Dubai, Bangalore, Jakarta and Singapore, it was relaxing to be in an English speaking city with a comfortable, temperate environment.

On the East coast of the “Land Down Undah”, this most populous metropolis in Australia surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor.  We stayed the first night in a hotel to the north of the city, close to the Schneider offices. Had the good fortune of the hotel offering tastings of several fine scotches. No shortage of good food and drink on this trip.  After two days of photography, our producer Ann Marie moved us to a downtown hotel so we could spend time exploring the city. I had my most enjoyable day off of the entire journey, taking a 30 min ferry ride, past the famous Opera House, over to Manly Beach.  Some great body surfing in the warm waves, then strolled about a half mile along a beautiful shoreline path to the quieter more tropic like cove of Shelly Beach.  Wonderful spot, though I was literally attacked from above by some hungry, aggressive gulls attempting to steal my lunch.

Michael – Marketing Strategic Intelligence.  Schneider’s offices in Sydney are in a modern building with a large atrium. Lots of glass allowing for plenty of natural light and large open spaces in which to shoot.  Michael didn’t have his own office so we created a workspace for him, but did most of his shots in various common areas.  Both of the subjects I photographed in Sydney pursued martial arts for their hobbies.  Michael is a black belt and instructor in karate.  He was incredibly focused & rather intense as I and the videographer had him go through his routine. One of his punches narrowly missed the front of my lens. We found out after the session that his mother had passed away just two weeks prior. It shows in the intensity his expression.