Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Office building Abu Dhabi

Office building Abu Dhabi

The two most populated cities of United Arab Emirates. Hot. Tons of eye popping, modern architecture, including the world’s tallest building - the Burj Khalifa. In addition to the slick high rises and late model cars, I was intrigued by the number of office workers wearing the traditional combination of head scarf (keffiyeh) and robe (dishdash or taub). Like most cities on this trip, there was frustratingly little time to explore & photograph on my own. Below are some iphone snapshots, mostly captured from car rides to and from the job sites.


Fatima - Oil & Gas Strategic Account Manager

Like most of the subjects the Schneider home office selected, she was enthusiastic, energetic and out going. She speaks French, Arabic, English and is learning Chinese. Fatima’s hobby is calligraphy.  Unfortunately, she did not have a specific place where she practices her art. I’d been hoping she would take us to an art studio of some kind, but instead I had to create her hobby photos in the lounge area of a restaurant near her office.  Fortunately, there was some beautiful directional light coming from 2 windows and warm-toned floor and furnishings which I used to help create the soft mood of an art studio.